Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clutter chaos

This is the time of year
 when clutter dominates my home

It isn't fun
I need help
I always buy bins
I have lots of bins in my basement
some are filled
some 1/2 filled
some with missing lids

So, I am on the attack

I'm removing clutter
not filling bins with it
I will be making many trips to my GW outlet
I will organize
that is my word
 for 2012

Love this!!!
I found it on Becky's  blog
am I gonna have some fun and hopefully
learn something in the process!

so I hope it helps me
but seriously, anything will!
You really don't understand
if I don't organize it
and donate much of it-

I am honestly afraid if I don't
I will be nominated for the show

and I'm not kidding!

I like the sound of that!
Until later, gotta fly-Claire

I'm partying with Layla!
The Lettered Cottage

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