Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clutter chaos

This is the time of year
 when clutter dominates my home

It isn't fun
I need help
I always buy bins
I have lots of bins in my basement
some are filled
some 1/2 filled
some with missing lids

So, I am on the attack

I'm removing clutter
not filling bins with it
I will be making many trips to my GW outlet
I will organize
that is my word
 for 2012

Love this!!!
I found it on Becky's  blog
am I gonna have some fun and hopefully
learn something in the process!

so I hope it helps me
but seriously, anything will!
You really don't understand
if I don't organize it
and donate much of it-

I am honestly afraid if I don't
I will be nominated for the show

and I'm not kidding!

I like the sound of that!
Until later, gotta fly-Claire

I'm partying with Layla!
The Lettered Cottage

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  1. I so understand. I am trying to do the same thing. I fear becoming a Hoarder. So far though, I have not found any dead cats. So that's a good thing. LOL

  2. Uh-oh. You're making me a little nervous. It can't be as bad as you think. Breathe........breathe........

  3. good luck with your task..i have the same issue around here...i get rid of stuff and my family ...mainly my husband brings it right back...grrr...i buy alot of baskets and have been making little boxes for trinkets ...like keys change, etc..if i ever get time to post and share...have a great day...~sabri~

  4. Please come visit me when you are finished.

  5. Stopping by to wish you a very sweet and Happy New year.
    We have been cleaning and buying storage bins too. Our garage is a big mess, that is on our to do list for this weekend. Everything must go LOL
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  6. I organize my basement and then it's messed up again. Building deep wooden shelves is on my to do list for this year. Good luck, I bet you will feel so much better when you're finished.

    Stop on over and visit me sometime soon.

  7. I'm right there with you on the hoarders thing! I'm still unpacking from my 4th move in one year, luckily I've got a place to unpack for good now! Good luck!

    If your bored check out my blog http://chickenscratchny.blogspot.com/ I'll be posting on my anti-hoarders adventure!

  8. I'm a certified real estate stager and I've gone into houses you wouldn't believe. One home owner had a main floor bedroom they hadn't been able to step one foot inside for eight years because of junk piled to the ceiling. We ran a washer 8 hrs/day for 5 days to clear laundry so a plumber could get in to fix an adjacent bathroom. That'll cure you of hoarding! ha ha ~ Maureen

  9. Ouch...that statement is so hard for this perfectionist! Ha ha. I feel a big purge coming on here, too. Can't wait to attack the office, basement & closets!!

  10. Thank you for the visit and kind words!

    Purge & Organizing.... I hope to be doing a lot of that this year!

    Your newest follower ~Elizabeth

  11. good luck with all your organizing! I'll be doing a bit of that too, though I did not choose that as my word of the year... check out my word on my blog if you want!

  12. Organize is the perfect word for any crafter--otherwise we'd drown in our supplies! (At least I would.)

    Too bad each time I drop things off at my thrift store I feel the need to cruise their aisles and see if they have anything I "need".

    I'm enjoying browsing through your archives. Seems like we have several things in common. It's nice to meet another crafter/gardener/mom/wild woman :)


  13. Oh, I so know all about those dreaded "organizing" bins. Part of my "Less in 2012" is removing the clutter. Done is better than perfect ~ so true!! Best wishes in this new year!

  14. Oh how I love that word too! I intend to use your word up in my attic this Winter....LOL Thanks for visiting me at my blog! Have a great week! Kit

  15. Organize is an awesome word....when I chose "time" as my word it was with the hope that I would have a lot of "time" to organize!! : )
    I hope your organizing efforts are successful.

    Thank so much for visiting me today.

  16. I love your word. I feel like we are constantly organizing our home in some form or fashion. I hope you get to your goal of organization this year! Thank you for visiting my blog. =) Happy 2012!


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