Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Simple ornaments

I have always made ornaments with my kids...
Now my kids are grown but I still love to make them...
Some of my favorites on our tree were the simplest to make
Thought I'd show you some of our cuties!

The walnut baby-
a hallowed out walnut shell, a puff of cotton,
a wooden ball face,
and a square of felt
 all hung on a red thread!!

reindeer-versions 1 and 2-

salt dough hearts-

ladybug clips-

angel clothespin-
santa chopsticks-

a thumbprint snowman
sorry about blurry pic!!

monogrammed balls-

text balls

candy cane mouse

the newest this year..
a roly-poly Santa belly!!

A simple red ball, a strip of black tape
 with a square of white tape-
a basket full of jolly bellies!!!

These are a few of my favorite things this holiday season!

Take care, gotta fly- Claire

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  1. Lots of great inspiration! I think the Santa bellies are my fav, but I like the monogram and text ornaments too!


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