Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The new kitchen look!

I've been dying to paint my kitchen set-
love the round table-
love the look of the chairs-
(well, not really but...)
 just not their weight-
-way too heavy-
So, as I've shown you before,
I've been scoring some great chairs at Club GW-

I was going to paint them white
 because the table blended into the floor
which also blended into the chairs-
one big blending-

I painted the table-2 coats worth
each chair also got 2-

when I was done-
I realized it wasn't doing it for me-

My whole plan changed
today I repainted the table
 and six chairs
 the same color as the hutch
No more blah-


Have you ever made a mistake with color
and been so bummed
 because of the time you ( wasted) spent?

The chairs from Club GW-

But, I'm a happy camper now!
The fabric I recovered the chairs with,
 match the trim on the curtains-

Love the new color-
it really perks up the space
perks me up too!
The best laid plans don't always pan out
but, I must say in this case-
love the new found plan!!

Take care, gotta fly - Claire
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