Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the chalk paint dilemma

This is called a rambling post
. My thoughts about a certain subject.
 So, I ramble on and on and on-
 trying to convince myself that if I put my thoughts out there,
 it will happen-
it has to happen-
I'm tired of waiting for my crazy to stop being so crazy!

I have watched many of you create gorgeous pieces of furniture
 using Annie Sloan's chalk paint.
 I have checked out many of the sites selling this,
 hemmed and hawed about ordering it because of all the color choices-
 the paint swatches are so small-
what if I don't like the color, big deal, right?
 No, not really!
I've filled in order forms, here and there,and never finalized anything cuz'
I couldn't make up my mind-
don't know what's wrong with me-
come on make a decision you crazy lady!!!

Well, the other night, I was at my sister's pampered chef party
 and started charting with Cat, a friend of hers -
 lo and behold,
(be still my heart)
  I've found a new gal pal, a fellow kindred spirit-
she is the first person I've met
 that reads the same blogs as I do,
even knows the first names of the bloggers- like me
 she advertises her business on one of my favorite blogs
 (Miss Mustard Seed)- her business is called Baby Jewels-
she's online as well as having her own Etsy store-
there are self-inking stamps-
monogram stamps-
fondant stamps-
oh my-
the cupcakes are fab all dressed up with a monogram
Fondant Stamps

Go check BabyJewels out- you'll be so glad you did!

 Oh yea,
what was this post about?
chalk paint, that's right!
best of all,
 she has used,
 successfully I may add,
 she adores them-
 so I'm done being little miss indecisive-
I needed to speak with a real live free spirit to really become a believer-
it became real to me
 I'm jumping in with both feet-
yahoo can't wait -
 thanks for the encouragement Cat
you were just the push I needed!

Take care, gotta fly- Claire
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  1. Good Luck to you! While i have not used ASCP i use the old fashioned milk paint because a wood working shop here in town sells it! Let me know what you think!


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