Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Side table / Plant stand

This little table was quite the bargain-

It's simple-
but the inspirations in bloggyville have tempted me-
and I decided  to change things up abit-
 and I couldn't wait to show you what I had up my sleeve!

After a quick spray of Rustoleum's Heirloom white-
it sat in my garage for about a month-
It was cute but still a little too simple-

I used a round piece of cork for the largest circle form-

An old placement for the perfect size down-

I outlined the lines with a sharpie paint pen-

I found the center of the circle and eyeballed a clock pattern in pencil

At each roman numeral,
 I drew a black mark to highlight that specific number
 Then, I counted off the second lines
again no measuring needed-
It looked handmade at this point,
 but I knew I was headed in the right direction-

I used a Glidden paint tester for $1.99 in a mushroom color-
I dabbed a little on and then used a brush filled with water to cover the top-
I added a  steel grey wash on top of that!
enough already, right?

But, the fun part was about to begin-distressing!

I sanded the top over and over-
almost removed the whole clock but not quite!

Take care, gotta fly- Claire
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