Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Color Trends

I'm not a trendy person when it comes to coloring my home-

I paint what I like-
I have to feel it-
It really is bad when I've painted a room
and after a week, I can't keep it that way!

So, with fall right around the corner, its colors abound in the stores-
It reminds me of a farmers market-

with pumpkins,
 asparagus, oranges,
 artichokes, cabbages
 italian eggplant, tomatoes
,yellow-orange maple

Savona/Rimini Pillows

All these colors are lovely, but they aren't my colors-
I'm not going to run out to buy new furniture, or
paint rooms those colors
just so the decor in stores
will flow well into my home for fall-

The least expensive way I find to make my home feel like fall-

Buy a yard of fabric  that gives me
 the warm and cozy feeling I get from fall-
cover a pillow or two with it
 plop it on a couch in the main living area,
 knit a throw in a neutral color,
 change out candles in a warm color,
 fill bowls with naturals,
acorns, pine cones, nuts, branches of berries, leaves-
the $1 store is a perfect place to add fall bits to your home

 a farmer's market is really the perfect place to get your fall on!
My favorite thing to do is fill my kitchen island
with pumpkins, gourds, squash and other vegetables-
using the veggies and replacing when needed-
So, you can get that warm and cozy feel of fall without spending $$$

Go outside, take a look around
and fill your home with a bounty of nature's goodies

you will be glad you did!

Take care, gotta fly-Claire


  1. Hey Claire,
    I know what you mean...I love going to the Farmer's Market, especially around fall. Love it!!

  2. I really enjoy the fall pumpkins, etc. They don't last long here in FL, however. They lasted till the snow flew up north :).


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