Friday, July 15, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do......

I love reading crafty blogs-
especially when they inspire me
(which is most of the time!!)

One blog that I've loved
since I began blogging is LucyDesigns-
She is an amazingly talented artist-
Her hand painted decor is to drool over-
Recently, she made some incredible insects-
She is super creative and used spindles, table legs and
 and whatever else she could find!!

How cool are these-
So, I knew I had to try these out too!

I found loose spindles at GW as well as paddles from a discarded ceiling fan-

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I love these creatures-
Just what my garden needed-
Thanks Lucy for the fab inspiration!

Well, gotta fly - Claire


  1. I love it Claire! Looks so good on the fence!

  2. I put u on my FB page...hope that's ok! :)


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