Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodwill guru

As you've read, if you follow my blog,
I go to GW alot-

Not necessarily to do alot of shopping
but I like to pop in for a quick peruse of the furniture on sale-

It's rare I leave empty handed! lol
Even when I'm not sure what it is I'm buying!!

I was checking out the other day and the girl at the cash register
asked me what it was I was buying? 
I laughed and told her I had no idea-hahaha
She charged me $.99 for the mystery item!!

I also found a clock face, old and distressed-
without the workings-

Interestingly enough, the clock face sits perfectly on the wire base!
I wiped both pieces down and added it as an accent in my porch-

How cute is that-
I love the quirkiness of this and I still don't know what it is,
but as long as I love it,
 that's what matters!!

So, right before I leave you all, does anyone have any idea what it is I bought???
The only thing I came up with is a wire insert for a fabric hamper- mighty big hamper! lol

Well, gotta fly - Claire
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  1. Cute! You can go shop GW and bring it to my house!

  2. Now that looks great - well done. I would put a bigger plant in there so it creeps out of the wire though.

  3. Love your new found table~ Good idea combining the two pieces. That clock face was an fun find.
    :-) Sue

  4. I wouldn't have thought to combine the two pieces. You're probably right about the hamper. The clock face is a nice find.

  5. perfect!...don't u love when that happens?


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