Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hurrah for harps

The Club GW outlet near my home,
is full-
some people may even call it a big building
 full of junk or garbage-

But, remember one man's junk
 may be another man's treasure...
or in my case,
 a woman's treasure!

I recently found a coffee table that was divine-
Her coat was abit tattered and somewhat torn
but her lines were lovely- so, so lovely...

Those beautiful carved harps
on her sides
 were simply to die for-

 I needed to make her a rich black
sleek, and smooth -

I so love her-
the lines, the harp, her stature!!lol-
(I'm sounding somewhat obsessive about this table!!)
I have no space for it-
possibly a table my daughter might like in her apartment-
who knows...all I knew was- it was coming home for a bath and a new hairdo,
and that's what it got!

The most amazing thing-
the price-
at the outlet it cost
 a whopping $1.99-


crazy, I know, but crazy true!

She's a real beauty-
Well, take care, gotta fly- Claire

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