Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden tchotchkes!!

Garden tchotchkes are adorable!
You have to love a concrete gnome, welcome to my garden signs and painted pots-
they all make me smile when I walk through a garden-

Awhile back, I posted about garden "decor"-
what I love in a garden and what welcomes me in my own garden!
I do get many of my tchotchkes at Christmas Tree shop but in the past few years,
I've been lucky enough to grab some fab bargains at my Bff's-
Club GW as many of you refer to it has allowed my garden to flourish in

Yesterday was no different-
I wasn't looking for them but lo and behold-

                                     How could I resist these beauties- all for a whopping $3.25!!
You never know what you'll bump into!!
Well, take care, gotta fly- Claire 

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  1. How cute. Loving the chair. I was just noticing all the party buttons on your sidebars. I'll have to come back later and check them all out. You have a lot of parties listed that I have never heard of!

  2. Claire- Good job on the chair, girl! Now I have to admit that I am not a flamingo fan, but your guy is kinda cute. LOL Seems that we both found garden items this week. I'll post them for Rhoda's party on Monday. :-) Sue


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