Friday, July 29, 2011

Freshening up

When you look around your house,
do you ever get that feeling that things need to be fixed,
you know, freshened up,
 to look clean and new again-

Some days, I think everything could use a touch up,
(including yours truly!)
So, I scrubbed down my potting table-
it's pretty color had aged over time -
being out in the elements-

I thought of staining it again, but
I need me some instant gratification-

you know what I mean,
"the instant" -a can of spray can give you!!
The transformation began-

Here it is with the 2nd coat on-

The final reveal-
what a difference a can of spray makes-
It's refreshed, renewed and revitalized!

Doesn't it look pretty?

I love what it does for that corner of my patio-
almost too pretty to work on! lol

Well, take care, gotta fly- Claire

I'm partying at....