Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden tchotchkes

When planning my garden design,
I always know what the main flowers will usually be-
my favorites, of course!

just as important as the plants-
are the tchotchkes throughout the garden!

I find treasures in many places-
a great source
 to find garden decor is,
 my fav GW or any thrift store-
I'm always on the lookout for iron, metal or tin objects
 that can stand up in a little rain-
stone and ceramic stands give plants some lift-
a garden can hold just about anything you want
as long as you love it and it puts that smile on your face when you see it amongst your buds!

Well, gotta fly, Claire
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  1. Ah yes, I like garden ornaments too and appreciate them more when they are almost hidden, it's like the feeling like you were the first one to find it. Do you know what I mean or am I babbling??? Anyways, I like yours especially the frog prince!


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