Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Table talk

You remember my glorious goodwill goodie-
the coffee table with the beautiful carved legs and detailed molding-
the table that cost me a cool $14.99!

ahhh, now you remember...

Well, I got many suggestions from all of you-
paint it black
paint it white
paint it a shock of color
mosaic the top
mirror the top
but the majority of you said to keep it just the way it was-
you know I can't do
and you know how much I am loving my new bff Behr's heavy cream
I couldn't help myself
So, I did it
I painted it heavy cream
and then I antiqued it with a faux antiquing glaze
by American Tradition,
 I had hanging around for a few years!!!

I really love the antiqued look-
it fits in well with the decor
and its legs are to die for!!!

Well, take care, gotta fly-Claire
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