Monday, March 14, 2011

New Welcome

Do you remember my teeny vestibule?

My stamped gold stars were everywhere.
It was pretty.
It did its job for the past 12 years.
So, I painted over it.
I used my new BFF-
Behr's primer and paint combo
in my fav-Heavy Cream, satin finish-
I also got a quart of the same in a high gloss
I stenciled vines and birds galore.
The teeny vestibule is sooo teeny and sooo dark,
my purty birds really didn't show up.
I could see them if I strained my eyes, a certain way!
My family couldn't see them-
although they humored me with "I can see them a little"
Well, what's the point of not being able to see them?
I loved the idea, but sometimes the best ideas don't always pan out!
I did spray this brass light fixture with Krylon black satin-
how you may ask did I do this while it was attached to the ceiling?
Long story short and boring-First I removed the glass panels, and lightbulbs- 
I had a large mailing box, cut a slit to its center
and cut out a circle abit smaller than the circle on the ceiling.
I placed the box against the ceiling
and sprayed inside the box-took about 30 seconds,
let it dry for about 5 min. and did it again-
After painting the walls, I painted the frame and shelf with the same color too!
Next, I painted the birds, leaves and limb!
 I'm really kidding.
JoAnn Fabric sells these fab rub ons-
yes, I said- rub ons.
So simple,
 but I love the fact they look hand painted.
So, my teeny vestibule is now complete.

*Love the color,
*love the stenciling with the high gloss paint
that no one can see but myself,
*love the painted frame and shelf,
*LOVE the rub on so much!

Well, gotta fly-Claire
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  1. So pretty! I just love how you turn a blank slate into something so new and sophisticated!

  2. Ingenious idea on how to paint the light fixture! I love the rub-on too. I just picked one up but haven't put it up yet. Love the look!

  3. That looks really great. I love the stencil. I've been wanting to do one of those, but does your wall need to be smooth or will it go over the typical drywalled wall?


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