Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring decorating

I have started adding pops of spring around my home-
 I had picked this up for $1.99 last summer-
This spring I painted it-
sometimes it takes me awhile but I do like how this turns out-
At Christmastime, I picked up a slew of calendars for $1 each at Michael's craft store.
I thought I might frame them,especially with all the bird pics!

The March page spoke to me first!
I cut it down to fit the wooden pear pic-
Took out the trusty Mod Podge
and went to town-
3 coats later and TA-DA!

How pretty!

So, keep your eyes open for inexpensive calendars-
the pictures can be framed inexpensively and
 when the calendar is a specific theme,
 you can frame up a set of 12 in a snap!!
Well, gotta fly- Claire
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