Monday, February 21, 2011

ruffled pillows

(bad picture but it says $5.99)

Well, I don't have to tell you how much I'm loving ruffles!!

My next ruffled adventure was ruffled pillows

that looked like flowers.  I've been looking at

fabrics that coordinate in my living room which is primarily blue

and white.  I looked at patterns, florals, stripes,

damasks, silks and moire' silks.  It was all very pretty

but decisions, decisions.  So, I left the fabric store

empty handed.  Today, I ran down to my favorite el cheapo store,

The Christmas Tree Shoppe!!  I thought I might get inspired or

just find some really good bargains!  Don't you just love a bargain!!

I browsed through all the holiday tchochkes.  St. Patrick's Day,

Easter, and even Memorial Day!! Egads!

Nothing really struck my fancy-I really don't need more junky-

junks for the great vignettes-

Then, I spotted something that tickled my fancy, big time!!!

With a price tag of $5.99, I knew I could never

duplicate these pillows, and at that price, who would want to!!

So, although I didn't SEW these, these are SO great!!

I love my bargains.

Take care, gotta fly-Claire
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  1. Hi Claire...thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to hear your SIL likes the IKEA sofa. Your blog is really fun. Love these pillows! I'm following you now and will be back soon. Nice to meet you!


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