Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cork board

I have always wanted an inspiration board- you know, a cork board but prettier,maybe in a frame, so I finally got around to making one for my kitchen.  I bought a 16 x 20 frame- unfortunately, I haven't found one big enough at GW!  I then bought a roll of cork.  It's thin but it's a pretty big roll -2 feet x 4 feet, so I'll be able to make some other things with the leftover.  All I did was empty the glass from the frame, and measured the opening , so the cork fits snugly into the frame!  I used an exacto knife and because the cork was thin, cutting it was not a problem! I actually doubled up the cork so a thumbtack would have something to get ahold of!! I used spray adhesive on the cardboard that came in the frame.  After the spray adhesive got abit more sticky, I pressed the cork onto the cardboard. 

It fit perfectly into the frame. I hung it on the kitchen door and voila!!  I finally have my inspiration board.  Once my craft room becomes a reality, this baby will be up there, but for now, it will be in the kitchen where I can play around with all my inspirational pics!!Yahoo!!  Well, take care, gotta fly- Claire
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