Monday, October 11, 2010

What theme are you?

Golf Rug

              I'm a theme kind of gal (if you haven't figured that out yet!)  Themes and collections go hand in hand.  When you like something, you add to it bit by bit, layer by layer.  Themes range from seasonal, to places, to sports, to country, to french country, to rustic, to roosters and even to your heritage.  Your home reflects you-who you are and what you like.  It doesn't have to cost alot of money.  You know how much I love a good thrift store find! (or TJ's, Marshall's, Ikea and even tag sales).  My family room has always been a "theme" room.  For years, when my kids were younger, that room was Noah's Ark. There were beautiful framed prints of the ark, folk art pieces and I even made a ceramic Noah, his ark and all the animals, two by two.  I still have a small Christmas tree that I decorate with a Noah's ark theme.(Don't get me started on Christmas tree themes yet, that could take a month!)  Themes change as you change.
Golf DVD holder, throw and humorous golf signs!
      Currently, my family room (aka hubby's den) is totally decorated in a golf theme which is only appropriate for the consummate golfer.  From the rug, to the curtains, to the lamps  (one that is a golfer putting and when the ball goes in the hole, loud cheers are heard!)  All the wall decor has something to do with golf.  I think it's fun to have one room that can speak volumes of someone in your family-It makes it extra personal and certainly a conversation piece so try it. Well, gotta fly-Claire

My husband's life in a phrase!

Golf valances and print
More golf tchochkes!


Golf tchochkes galore!

Golf lamp

Golf lamp

Pictures of hub playing golf

Automated Golf lamp with sounds!
Another golfer lamp

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