Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tin Platters For Sale

This old, ugly, scratched up tin platter (sorry but the before pic floated out into blogosphere lala land!) was a find at GW for a cool $2.25.  A sheet of scrapbook paper was 59cents.  The hook on back was $1.09 and I had the black spraypaint.  Total cost of project =less than $4.00 and it's cute to boot! Take care, Gotta fly-Claire


  1. Claire, this is so cute! Love it! Thanks for stopping by Three Pixie Lane to see my kitchen! I am your newest follower! Love how you sign..gotta fly! hee hee! Have a great day! christie

  2. Cute!! I am following you back from Think of me Thursday.... a few days late that is.

  3. This is so cute! Thanks for being a follower of polka dots and pizza! I am following you back! :)



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