Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wreathes- Can you ever have too many?

Put on a party dress and come on in!
What's a girl to do when a new season is approaching-of course, decorate.  Inside and out.  Doesn't your front door need something new? Something to greet your neighbors?  Not the same old thing but a new dress to wear to the party!  Wreathes are an inexpensive way to change your outdoor decor. You can change them alot more often than painting your door and there are alot of holidays in a year so if your the type to bore easily, a new wreath may do the trick. Wreathes can be dead or alive. They are so simple to make.  Get a base,either a bare wreath, a frame, a foam core shape, heavy wire or whatever you want. Buy some fake flowers, greenery , leaves,etc. Wrap them around til your dizzy.  Hot glue in pieces or bunches.  Add ribbon or not. They can be plain or frilly.  They can have holiday themes or seasonal colors but whatever you do, your wreath on your front door is your individual welcome to each and every person who sees it-so really, change your clothes for the party-more often than you think! Gotta Fly! Claire


  1. Following in from SITS

    Have a great day!

  2. Great ideals and some really beautiful wreathes.
    Thanks for sahring.

  3. That's fun! I have a small stack of wreaths and am always convincing myself that I need more! I like yours with the lemons on it, very bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing, drop by sometime.
    Heidi - Heart and Home


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