Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 "Vignettes means placement of small visual objects".  I do this. Everywhere. Don't ask me why except I feel so much better when I put an object in its place and it belongs there. You see, I get a feeling, a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when something stands out and doesn't belong-it has to fit in and I work with it. Over and over and over until I find a place for it.  I may even think I have it just right but I'll walk down in the morning and  I immediately feel out of whack because something is out of place.  Maybe it's an illness, but it's only a decorating illness anyday o!  I set up things like they are on a stage.  Little nesting spots so everything has a place.  Don't get me wrong-too much stuff does give me mental overload and I do try to simplify the "look".  My basement and garage never get the simplified look-they just get stuffed to the brim!  Take care-Gotta fly! Claire