Sunday, September 12, 2010

Topiaries-a different obsession

Topiary in the Botanical Garden of Funchal, is...Image via Wikipedia

Wikipedia defines a topiary as the horticultural practice of training of live perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs to develop and clearly maintain defined shapes.  Shaped wire cages are often used with evergreen and overtime the greenery takes on the caged shape. 
Have you ever been to Disney? Now that's what I call some outrageous topiaries.  Every character is playfully displayed in evergreenery(a word? most likely not!) There is so much foliage at Disney that many times you actually miss a character here and there because they are so skillfully tucked into the landscape.
This was just gonna be about my love for the topiary. I have many. I have made many. Some have been beautiful but some have been pitiful.  It really all depends on your base and whatever it is you are gonna stick into that base.  I've seen topiaries made from fruit, nuts, beans, flowers,pinecones, candy, cranberries and even jordan almonds! Weird, huh?  But most of my topiaries are of the faux flora species, in other words good 'ole fake greens!!  Love me some topiaries-Take care-Gotta fly! Claire is one of my all time favorite websites.  The merchandise alone is fab and the prices can't be beat but what floats my boat are all the wonderous ideas you can get! I visit  as often as I can and am never disappointed!

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