Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birdhouse Collection

My daughter was 6 when she and her dad built this for me!  Her handprint is on the side too!

Our "old" dog
  As I am writing this, something is becoming increasingly evident-I am a compulsive collector -I don't know if that really describes my problem but I started taking pictures and realize that a collection is technically  considered "a collection", when you have 3 or more of a similar item. 
   YIKES-I am a crazy collector!  I was in my garden this summer and every picture I took had some kind of birdhouse in it!.  I like birdhouses but they really need to be different for me to show too much interest in them.  Well......I even have some birdie's renting space in some of them!  These are just some of the birdhouses that live outside in my gardens and in my porch. Maybe next year I'll add a few more but you can be sure the birds will continue to visit these! 
      So take a good look around your home and you may be very surprised at the number of collections you have, even in different rooms.  Three or more = a collection!  You may have the same "problem" I do! 
Take care, Gotta fly! Claire

1st Jim Shore birdhouse
candleholder birdhouse

Cape Cod lighthouses



Americana Retreat

Birdie Hotel

Butterfly Bungalow



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