Friday, September 2, 2016

A 9 month Reflection

It has been 9 months since my last blog post - funny, I started to write my last confession- catholic girl guilt I guess!

I am never too far from blog land, as I continue following many of my favorite bloggers through fb, instagram and pinterest. The creativity astounds me, the knowledge and diy skills are better than before.   It is an awesome world we live in and everyday I get to learn something from one of you.  I'm sure many of my readers think I fell off blogging from boredom but that isn't the case.  It's been quite the year and I am so grateful.

About a year ago, a seed was planted and by November 2015, a small tender plant popped up.  Decor became a reality. A little shop of consignment furniture, antiques, artisans and plenty of heart & soul.  It has been alot of work to learn a business from the ground up, but I couldn't have received a bigger blessing from the universe at a time in my life when my path was unsure.  We have grown in leaps and bounds, and we continue to learn the ins and out, the ups and downs and all the fun of running a business.  It isn't work, sometimes we even forget it's a business because we know we are so lucky to have a little "personal" creative space to go to each day.  We create trash to treasures and along the way, we actually sell them to people who love the work- a treat for us but an even bigger blessing.

My family has been filled with abundant blessings as well- certainly, even more special than anything else.  My daughters are happy and healthy, each one on their own journey in life, but one I am blessed to be part of with their daily calls of life's happenings.  My youngest daughter is living in Boston, just renewing her lease for the 2nd year. Her job has brought her the joy of traveling the world and although momma still worries, she is excitedly planning her next adventure as I write.  My middle daughter was married last Friday, to the man of her dreams. His wedding gift to her was an original song he sang to her at their reception(love, love,love) and her new life has begun in the Mrs phase. (Can't wait for her return from the honeymoon-we need time to dish about the wedding!!) My oldest daughter, has moved to Brooklyn and they are expecting my 1st grandchild-need I say more(love,love,love)!

So, my life has been full, full of love, full of excitement, full of family, full.  The best kind of full I could ever wish for.

Not to make it sound fairy tale like, because those who know me, usually see a paint splattered mess filled with life's everyday worries but I am also filled with a new found calm of knowing I have found my true love and each day I wake up looking forward to what ever comes my way.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

I can't promise I'll be writing on any kind of schedule, but Bless My Nest is always in my heart and I will continue reading my favorite blogs, still with a feeling of being more than acquaintances but friends.

Gotta fly-


Thanks for your kind comments-love to hear from you!