Saturday, August 1, 2015

Goodwill Transformation

Recently, I came across this coffee table 
At my favorite outlet-

My daughter was in search of a trunk but I figured this was a perfect alternative- it was in decent shape but the drawers were a little shaky so I added some l hooks to secure the side panels so they would sit correctly-

What color would I paint it?
But, she surprised me and wanted a darker stain color, so I investigated staining furniture on Pinterest and found the easiest tutorial I could find- 2 colors of poly shade- mix them up and paint it on- after 1 coat, it needs to dry for 6 hours before a light sanding and 2nd coat- 
I'm not one for waiting but since I haven't stained before, I obeyed them!!

I love the color it turned out , much richer than the Orange- my favorite part are the drawers, there are 2 but the look is many small drawers in a row-
And it looks perfect in her new place!

Oh, and did I mention the absolute best thing- it cost 99 cents,  so with tax, a whopping $1.05!!  
Don't you just love a bargain!

Take care, gotta fly-


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