Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Goodwill Chandeliers Repurposed

My Goodwill Hunting is always an adventure- over the past few months, I have bought 2 "vintage" chandeliers- but had no plan so they have been laying in the garage for awhile-

Pinterest always comes to my rescue and my obsessive pinning has paid off!!

Outdoor bird feeders, bird baths or candlelight meals, whatever makes your heart sing!

I hung them off a branch to spray the entire piece, twirling them as  I sprayed-

The next step was to rip the wiring out( prob a good idea to do that first, but live and learn!)

Now I needed to re spray them- I decided to go with my fave Heirloom White-
They are quite unwieldy so the basket was a life savior to prop them in when glue was setting up-

I reglued the discs that had held the wires so my teacups would have a base-
I used the waterproof Gorilla Glue and it holds well- the only thing is you need to moisten the surface prior to gluing and the glue expands - like foam insulation- any extra peeled off without peeling the paint which is a plus!

The teacups were all Goodwill finds- this set was 6.99 for 5- but these were found at a regular GW store so they were on shelves and not my typical dumpster diving! Lol

A matched set makes this look so elegant!

This next chandelier had 8 arms and I used a variety of teacups- a more eclectic feel with a true vintage look!

I don't have a favorite - love them both- they would make beautiful outdoor candle chandeliers too!  

Love the old time look of these "new" fixtures!

Take care,gotta fly-

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