Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dollar Store DIY

I am a fan of the Dollar Stores-
There's alot of junk but there's so much more treasure-
think of it as a more organized version of dumpster diving!

I have made lots of creations from dollar store goodies
 so I thought I'd share some of the best I've seen on blogs through Pinterest -

The source for these thrifty ideas can be found on my Pinterest,  Dollar Store board-

Wire trash can flipped into a side table-

Cheap glass vases become beauties-

Placemat totes-

Makeup mirrors into Anthropologie hack-

Door mats into gorgeous wall decor!

Pottery Barn lookalike!

Memory wreath with mini frames-

A plastic laundry bin and rope-

Really?  Hula Hoop Chandelier- you bet!!

Glassware into Garden Flowers-

Compact Mirrors into one focal point mirror-

Who would have thought contact paper
could look this awesome?!?

$1 mirrors become another Pottery Barn hack!

Toy Aisle Fun-

"Pearl" Costume Jewelry becomes a chandelier!

Dish Towels into pillows-

Ballard Design lookalike with frames and scrapbook paper-

These mirrors look amazing-

So, next time you see a Dollar store, stop in and let your imagine soar!

Take care, gotta fly-

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