Thursday, April 30, 2015

Are You Happy Yet?

We all know those people-
you know, the ones that are never satisfied,
 the ones that can't get enough,
they are blind to the blessings that surround them...

I think many of us, at one point in our lives-
wanted the perfect mate
wanted the perfect wedding
the perfect house

But, perfect isn't real, let's face it, if we were all perfect, life would be downright boring-
(remember the show, Stepford Wives? tee hee)
It was nauseating
but I'm not talking about the perfect wife, mother, housekeeper, cook....

Many of us strive, or should I say, thrive on being the best-
wanting the most expensive
the most beautiful
the most perfect....

But, what happens when your life doesn't turn out to be that fairy tale?
What happens to that person?
Sometimes, people think money is the answer-
money can buy whatever material thing you crave, but so what.

You get it ALL but do you really have it ALL?

In our lifetime, material things seem to be so, so important-
Will we be liked if we don't have the things everyone else has
 or at least we perceive them to have?
Will we "fit" in or will our children ?
I love the saying-

Having it all is important to me-
but it's not the material goods that make my heart sing-
waking up each day, being thankful for the simple things in life-
the sun shining
birds chirping
bulbs sprouting
kids smiles, hugs and laughter-
these things bring cheer and warmth to the soul and
that is what makes all of us whole-
having it all-

family, friends, love

three simple things
the three most important things

So, ask yourself if your happiness depends on 
the car you drive,
 the thread count you sleep on,
 the china you eat off of,
the label on your clothes
because if your answer is yes-

you are missing out on the best life has to offer.

Take care, gotta fly-

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