Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Goodwill DIY

This is one of my favorite DIY from "my" store-
I didn't take step by step photos because what you see is what you get-

I "found" these 3 metal pieces at GW and knew the minute I saw them what they could be!

I have a new obsession- cake stands- 
I'm not baking cakes, mind you, I just love to use different heights on a buffet table.

The only thing I had to do was paint the candlestick silver for now.
Once we thaw out up North, I can't wait to take out my trusty spray paint and clean up the look. The fun part will be to decide what fab color I'll use!

My go to adhesive these days is E6000. It goes on clear and adheres well.  I always give it 24 hours to dry perfectly and then I can play!

I picked up these silver tin cups at Christmas Tree for .59 cents- craft supplies is an option or maybe I'll use it for a jewelry display

I won't put food items directly on the trays- cupcakes will work with paper tins-

Whatever I do, I love cute storage ideas and this one works for me-

So, for under $5, I have a very cool display piece for whatever I want to use it for!

Check out your local Goodwill stores and think out of the box- so much more fun building these than baking cakes in!

Take care, gotta fly,

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