Friday, January 23, 2015

Goodwill Finds

Ahhh, I have already been to my favorite "boutique" 4 or maybe 5 times in this new year. The Goodwill Outlet is very different from the typical Goodwill stores where the clothing items are on hangers, neatly hung by color.  The shelves with glass, ceramics, lamps,baskets, prints and household items are no where to be found at the Outlet.  

Not this type of dumpster diving!!

Bin dumpsters are piled up with clothing, shoes, coats, and textiles. The other dumpsters are filled with pictures, dishes, small wooden shelves, drawers, wreaths, craft items and other goodies.  You can never go with a specific thing in mind to find, keep an open mind and let your imagination go crazy!

Funny how I always see the same people, no matter when I go.
They are the true pickers-
they are picking for cash, it took me awhile to figure that out.  Once the dumpsters get rolled out, its pure chaotic bedlam.  If you're not a regular, you could be very, very afraid- the noise, some pushing, and lots of yelling. As I'm a regular now, the hunting is pure joy!

They are all looking for specific items- some go for the barbies, or Lego's, or action figures. Electronics are popular- but the search for all the correct pieces that go with a specific thing is pretty comical.  People look out for each other, too.  They will scoop up something they know their friends are looking for.  Then they scatter to their carriages and out come their phones.  Checking prices online for their found treasures and deciding if its going to be an EBay sale-

It's a big business these pickers- some say they make about $3000 a month on EBay- I know, shocking, huh?   That's not my thing but I give them alot of credit, their persistence, perseverance and patience combine to give them an income not to be brushed aside. 

I'm the craft lady-things are tossed my way- wreath bases, rope, twine, fabric remnants, silk flowers, and some interesting tchotchkes to add to my stash!!  The pickers will grab wreaths and send them my way. 

 An interesting camaraderie, at best.

My Goodwill shopping has already scored some lovelies-

All in a days work!

Take care, gotta fly-

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