Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Wreaths

I am definitely a wreath addict.
When I started blogging many moons ago, I wrote about my wreath fetish-
you can read about it here.
Over the years, it truly has grown into an obsession!

This year I decided to make some simple wreaths using artificial greens
and burlap which I had from projects around here-

I cut the burlap in long strips and gently tucked them in and out of the greens-
Easy peasey!

The branches hold the burlap in place which makes the project go super fast-
my kind of craft-  I add some holiday cheer with faux greens and holly leaves, berries and I fashioned burlap and tartan rosettes for a festive touch. Sometimes I will add a bow and maybe a birdie! The choices of burlap colors make it fun to change up the look on a whim!

The artificial green wreaths are too fake looking without a bit of 
dolling up and you are only limited by your imagination!
Check out Goodwill and the Dollar store for inexpensive things
 you can add to your wreaths to fit your look!

Take care, gotta fly-

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