Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY Lamp Repurpose

My love for Goodwill is no secret-
I have found some really cool lamps and candlesticks there recently, and ideas started popping in my head- So, you gotta go with that right?  Doesn't happen that often- teehee

Started with these-

After cutting the cord and plug off, removing the shade harp, I added a styrofoam ball to the top-

I added faux greens and silk flowers- cool topiary-

Adding a faux pumpkin makes a unique Halloween piece-

Loved this lamp base- very shabby chic!

I took apart this lamp base to use the elements of the lamp I liked best-

Then the pumpkin is hot glued to the base-

With this candlestick, I added prelit candles and berries and leaves-

This tiny lamp base made a perfect base for a short fruit topiary-

I love creating home decor out of Goodwill finds- makes your piece one of a kind, and
shopping at Goodwill helps to create jobs-
  You get a real workout for your creative brain-
all wins in my book-

Visit your local thrift stores to find that perfect object
to repurpose into something special for your home!

Take care, gotta fly-

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