Thursday, October 23, 2014

Goodwill Hunting

I don't have to remind all of you that I'm a thrift store junkie.
My all time favorite store to shop in is the Goodwill outlet-

I'm always on the hunt for cool display items for my fair booth.
That day was no different-
the minute I walked in my eyes shot towards this-
LOVE was in the air!

These shutters-
forget to take a picture before I went to
 town with my spray paint-

And this storage bin-

Birdhouses galore!
I was in my glory!!

The shelf was cute and I loved the black and white trim but not the rest-
 If I was a patient crafter, I would have hand painted it and
attempted to 
keep the checkerboard border in tact- but alas, I'm not-
So, I wiped it down with a lick and a promise and sprayed myself silly with glee!

Isn't that the cutest display shelf for Bless My Nest Shop?
Don't all start cheering!

The shutters were yucky, covered in dirt and webs-

Wiped down and sprayed,
I think they will make an adorable display for my earrings.
Can't wait to show you the earring display cards I 
found on Etsy- adorable!!

This birdhouse step storage got one coat of white paint-
I haven't decided but probably this will also become turquoise and
I have to decide how and what I'll display on it-

Great for storage and the wicker sleigh will be a great display at the Holiday Fairs!

Craft supplies galore-

Fabulous tulle items to use for decorative pumpkins and witch hats!


Even new gift bags-lol

Iron pumpkins!

Some pretty decent finds for a quick run through
 my "fave" store in town-
Until next Goodwill hunting,
Take care, gotta fly-