Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY Jewelry Organizer

I love to make jewelry but I hate when it gets disorganized-
I've found an easy way to keep the jewelry you wear most, at arms reach,
without spending lots of money!

I collect old frames and with a quick coat of spray paint-
you can turn blah into beautiful to match
any decor you want!

I wanted to use chicken wire but had a hard time finding it at first.
  Home Depot had 1/2" hardware wire so I picked up a roll-
A wire cutter and staple gun are the only 2 tools you need-

Make sure you wear gloves because as you cut the wire into the dimension
you want, the ends poke out (or in my case, poke into you).
  I looked like I had wrestled a cat!

After cutting the wire, attach it to the back of the empty frame 
with a staple gun- love that thing!

Now's the fun part-

I stapled fabric across the back of the wire, stapling it to the frame-
Any fabric will do- this is where you can get
 matchy matchy with the decor-
I happened to use different colors of burlap I had in my stash!

You can leave it as is- and start hanging your earrings-
or you can add knobs or hooks to the
 bottom of the frame to hang bracelets and necklaces-
I finally found the chicken wire- you can see it in the photo below-

Most frames have a claw tooth hanger attached to the back-
I chose a more rustic look and stapled a piece of rope to the
top of the frame for hanging- ribbon would look cute too!

I embellished the frames using the same burlap-
I cut strips of the fabric and twisted it in a circle adding drops
of hot glue to secure the rosette!

The skies the limit as far as the look-
Frames can be found almost anywhere-
goodwill, tag sales, even an actual store!

Hope you liked the fast, easy and inexpensive way to keep all
your jewelry neat and organized!

Take care, gotta fly-


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