Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love Nest Pendants

Years ago, I started making jewelry- beads were in every crevice of my home!
I loved it but life got in the way I guess and I put that craft aside until recently.
I find it to be relaxing as well as mindless fun and I'm all for mindless activities!!

I was checking out Etsy one day and saw these cool pendants- little nests! You know, bless my nest, little nests, birds, pearl eggs- what could be more fitting!
I had to try them out and I've found a new love- wire wrapping jewelry-

It's a craft that gets better over time, my first few were not wearable!  But, as I continue, they are lovely-

I love the symbolism they evoke- mama bird watching over her nest of babes, they can be worn to recognize the number of children you have. ( although if your part of the Duggar family- you would need to wear 5 of them!!)

I love the pearl ones best just because I'm a pearl kind of gal but the colored beads are perfect for the summer months-  you are only limited by your imagination so the skies the limit!

Who knows where this will take me, but for now, I'm in my little happy place wrapping pearls and all sorts of beads- creating little love nests for all to enjoy!

Take care, gotta fly-


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