Monday, April 14, 2014

15 Fabulous Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

When my girls were little, 
dying Easter eggs was a big deal-
They loved this tradition and mama bird 
would boil up 3 dozen eggs so
 each girlie would be even steven!

I can remember just using the wax crayon
 and dipping the egg into the dye
 and re dipping it to get a more vibrant color hue. 
 As the years went on, "cool" dye kits appeared-
 ones with stickers and decals, 
wrappers that shrink wrapped the eggs- 
oh my, what fun!
As the girls got older, their creative streaks grew- 
wrapping eggs with rubber bands,
 tie dying the eggs, designs with their names,
 and even some double dips with decals and rubber bands- 
I loved their excitement when their "creations" were complete! 
My three little Picassos!!

These days, the ideas are crazy creative 
and I want to share some amazing eggs that were created with
 some ordinary household items-

Tea stained and White Sharpie-


Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol-

Shaving cream-


Nail Polish-

Electrical tape-

Food Dye-


Metallic Pens

Paint and Stencils
(and I would have to imagine alot of patience!)

Ferns and tulle-

Hand stamped-


Lettering Stickers-

Hope these "egg-ceptional" ideas inspired you 
to think outside the carton(box)!!

Take care, gotta fly-


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