Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obsession with Potting Benches

    I've always been a sucker for potting benches-
Love the idea of having my own spot
 to separate annuals into pots, split perennials
 and basically to keep little old me organized in the garden.

I revamped my potting bench a few years back- you can see it here-

But, they do take a beating-
I've used it for parties too-
It's a great place to set up the bar- as long as the dirt's brushed off first!

I found some beauties on Pinterest and had to share-
(because you all know where I'm going with this- yes there will be a makeover in the near future!)
(click on the pics to go to the site)

This old work bench is perfect for the task- love the shutters turned chalkboards too!

 Old garage work bench turned darling potting table.

Love the old window and sink!

 Potting Bench~This is it!!! only with out the sink!!  Tah~Dah!!  :)

Talk about reused and refurbished- LOVE

Potting Bench

 Love the picket fence

shabby chic potting bench

Cute shutters!

potting bench

Love the lattice accent and the pallet legs!
 potting bench

Even an old dresser serves the purpose-

So, now its time to find a perfect little spot to call your own
 and have fun in the garden!

Take care, gotta fly-


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Faux Brick

A few years back, I decided to jazz up my front entrance with a faux brick look-
I loved it and when people came to the door, many didn't realize it wasn't real brick- the many hours I spent mixing up the paint colors and applying with sponges, rollers and foam brushes was worth it.
Over time, with the 4 seasons of weather we are lucky enough to get in the Northeast, it began to show its age and I needed to spruce it up-
I simply repainted them with a concrete paint-

Now, at present, after we had the house painted, I was going for a new look- a herringbone brick pattern, or slate, or cobblestone, or tile, or .....  The list could go on but I was checking out all the creative faux floors on Pinterest.

This time, though, I will use paints specifically for outdoors as well as an outdoor sealant- oh, did I fail to mention that the last time I did this I used little bottles of craft paint and paper plates to mix all the different colors I needed to achieve a realistic brick look?

I like things done fast, sometimes too fast and I skip some important steps- lol. So, this time I have painted the steps with an outdoor concrete paint and they are just waiting to be dolled up!!

These are the back steps onto the patio that are also waiting to be dressed to kill!

I've had all weekend to google many looks with the rain falling around me as I type and I keep coming back to brick- I know I should be daring, maybe live on the edge a bit more, but our patio and front walk are edged in brick and I'm a little matchy matchy gal- can't help myself- I found many painting techniques from brick stencils to rollers but the one that most intrigued me was using a sponge the same size as a brick- it seems simple- no taping at all- maybe I'll get it done extra fast - lol- I always hit a snag in my quest for speed so I may take it slow this time but I do have to wait for good ole' Mother Nature to dry things up around here!

This is the front step area- quite small if I do say so myself so it really should be quick!

My professional tools! I used Patio paints and mixed many colors together-

Like I said, speed is always my goal but I'm a visual person (some call it crazy!). Many bloggers suggested using a chalk line to keep things straight- whoops- too many steps for me, so eyeballing it is always my way. But, don't copy my method-lol!

The back steps-

In the back I actually taped around the steps not to get any on patio-  once I seal the 
faux bricks, we will power wash the patio to bring it back to life!

                                             From a distance, it looks real!! This is before-

And after-

I'm happy it's done- the sweltering heat is unbearable but the heat wave is continuing and there are just too many things to do around the house, for the upcoming wedding, to put anything off.

I also painted the front door black!

             I love how the steps turned out- the final step is to poly them with an outdoor sealer-
       Now, onto the next project!

   Take care, gotta fly-


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pallet Love

Who doesn't love wood pallets?
- before blogging,
 I only thought of pallets
 as things to keep boxes off the floor in the basement
 or piled outside business dumpsters-
Bloggyville is an amazing place
to get the inspiration you need
to create just about anything -
 take a look!

Pallet potting bench-

Pallet Garden Bench

The creative sister duo over at Shanty 2 Chic created
some Americana pallet love-

DIY American Flag Pallet!  So cute and so easy!  Doing this! 
This pallet swing could become a favorite of mine!
 Outdoor pallet swing | Mommo design
 A vertical pallet planter-
perfect for a limited garden space-
Check out the many creative gardening pallet ideas
 on this blog!


Tables, benches and organizing, oh my!


Pallet Bench....LOVE this!!!!
If you want to feel the pallet love at your house,
inspirational ideas are all over!
Have a great day,
take care - gotta fly-

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pinteresting garden decor ideas!

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th!

We are in the midst of a steaming hot spell
in the Northeast-

-was almost missing the hundreds of feet of snow
 old man winter
 threw at us a few months past!
(well, not really!!)

Pinterest is so fabulous for creative and funky  ideas and
I'm obsessed, (but you know that!)
Garden decor is my absolute favorite way to decorate
 in the summer months 
and here are  some fun decorating ideas
 for the gardening decorator at heart-
(click on the pic to go to the site)

A broken chair seat becomes a beautiful planter-

Old windows with flower boxes make me smile-

window planters!!

An old washtub adds a vintage flair-

Old washtub

Sewing tables add that element of surprise-

Old sewing machine used as a planter base

Even a set of old doors adds whimsy as an arbor-

arbour made from two old doors

An old dresser creates a tower of treasures-

Planters in old drawers

How about a hot pink tricycle filled with favorites-

Pink Trike
I will continue to search for "fun freebies" curbside and
I am hoping to score one of these!
Have fun decorating your gardens with unexpected treasures -
Take care, gotta fly-