Monday, December 2, 2013

New door I adore!

We moved into our home 19 years ago
 but it was older and needed (still needs) a lot of work

It was built in 1960 and we have done a lot of things to update it-
Unfortunately, many things you can't see-
New plumbing, furnaces, electrical updates,
 many many things due to water issues-
We have had to prioritize what is most important-
I am of the ilk, paper pipes would work for me!!
But, alas, we have had to do the things that will keep the house standing
 and running smoothly-

This week we are replacing the sliding doors in the dining room that enter into the porch-

I have never been fond of them-
At one point, I used gallery glass and attempted a leaded window effect-
After a few years, it looked plain old cloudy to me so I razored it off-

I even made floor length roman shade so they would be blocked 
from our view during the winter months

But, I am so happy to be rid of them-

A small change in the whole scheme of things
but a change I adore!!

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