Monday, November 11, 2013

The Kitchen Chair

As I was recently updating my kitchen,
 I don't know if you noticed my mismatched chairs-
 that is on purpose-
My kitchen set is very ordinary and although paint spiced it up-
  the look was very plain-

Loving me a Goodwill hunting excursion, 
over the past year I have "acquired" many chairs- 
Another hoarding issue to deal with!

But, the kitchen chairs from my set are extremely heavy- 
with all my mopping (lol) it was hard on my back-
So my goal was to alleviate some of the heavy chairs 
with lighter chairs that would still hold some "bulk"!

Goodwill and curb side treasures have helped me attain that goal!

This is the final chair to add to the set-
It was perfect- perfectly free I mean- set out by a curb just waiting for me

Of course, it sat out in the hoarding Capitol of the world, my garage, 
for awhile until it was welcomed into the fold-

It's the brown wood one in the middle-
It has lovely bones, carved legs, a back to envy- just waiting to be dolled up!

So a quick spray of black paint began its journey into the kitchen-

I covered two other seat cushions for the set
with a remnant from Jo Ann Fabrics-
but, alas it only covered 2 of the 3 cushioned seats-

Rather than go with a very similar fabric choice for the 3rd-
I went wild!
Lol-no not really-
but I found a beauty-
Black and white hounds tooth from
Hobby Lobby-
(You can't imagine my utter delight that Connecticut finally got one of these fab stores!)

I have only covered seat cushions that were removable so I took it slowly,
one staple at a time-

The seat was lacking -
the padding was too thin, 
so I added a small pillow insert I had from Ikea-
Just enough cushy!

I'll have to see if down the road the chair continues to feel cushy enough-
or if the pillow flattens out-

I draped the fabric over the seat and trimmed it down to
make it more manageable-

It had webbing and I wasn't gonna mess with this-
so it all stayed securely together and I went to work-

Pulling the fabric taut on either side, I secured it with my trusty
staple gun- side to side, front and back

Then around the legs-
wasn't quite sure how to handle it but I pulled tightly,
wrapping it securely
and stapling away-

It isn't perfect,
but most of my projects aren't-
I'm not a pro
I just do what I love
and I love doing things myself-
So, basically I must love imperfection!!

The final "odd" chair is complete-

The kitchen set no longer feels "plain"!

Love those curbside treasures, don't you?

Take care, gotta fly-

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