Friday, November 1, 2013

"What Does The Fox Say?" Halloween quickie

Halloween was only a couple days away-
No costumes were requested by my nieces and nephews
Sunday night!

My nephew, ran over as I was putting the trash out-
(He lives across the street!)
He asked me if I knew what he was going to be for Halloween?
I assumed some sports player-

He said he was going to be a fox and
could I make it for him?

A fox?


Why would you want to be a fox?

Not just a fox, the you tube fox-
You know, the one that's gone viral- "What does the fox say?"

This old lady had to google what that meant-
Norwegian brothers have hit it big on You Tube,
 dressed as foxes and singing some crazy tune-

Three days before the big night, I had my work cut out for me-
Luckily, a quick trip through Walmart and
I scored some goodies-

I found a werewolf  costume with a head mask that had similar ears-

A white fuzzy toilet seat cover-

The top had attached fur

The mask was amazingly grotesque

I cut the mask right above the eyes
and it resembled a gross skull cap 

I sewed this toilet seat cover to the front of the brown costume
for the foxy chest

Brown gloves and a little makeup will finish the look-

He's a happy kid!!

Take care, gotta fly-

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