Monday, September 30, 2013

Bedroom grows up!

Did you ever get free furniture and think to yourself, "what on earth was I thinking"?

Well, welcome to my world-

I mentioned we sold my mom's house last week and there was a lot of furniture-
I didn't take too much, well basically because I have too much- my garage is pretty full of curbside finds and some Goodwill gems so I knew I couldn't fit much more into the space without being labeled the town hoarder-

I also mentioned I have been redecorating my oldest daughter's room- now that she and her new hubby will be visiting- it was time to upgrade from her twin bed and teen decor to something a bit more "grown up"-

I was lucky enough to get a queen size bed and 2 lingerie chests from my mom's- the 7 drawer chests were for extra storage and I thought they might work in Kerry's room since they only come to visit-

I must admit the picture leaves much to be desired, but I took so many pictures and this is how they turned out- a wise woman recently told me these circles are "angel orbs" and I truly believe it- too many pics in different lighting but the orbs remained- a sweet reminder that the room is filled with my Mom and Nan's loving spirit!

Onto the furniture-The problem was the color and the material- they were very old, dark brown laminate- ugly and uglier-

The hardware was a bronze tone, it looks more brassy in the pic-
Should I rethink my plan?

But, free is free and with a little paint, they turned out well- with some Zinser primer and some leftover Behr cream paint, I brought them into to the modern times-

These 2 tables will be nightstands after some paint!

 Can't wait to show you the finished room- and the best part- no money spent!!

Take care, gotta fly-

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