Monday, June 10, 2013

Craft space....finally!!

I adore browsing through all your blogs and seeing your fabulous craft rooms!

I have craft room envy!!!

My crafts are scattered from the garage to the bedroom, 
Anywhere I can find an empty space

My basement was a disaster
and last year I posted about organizing it

Well, a year later, I finally did- procrastinated for a long time
I'd go down to the basement, grab what I needed
 and ran as fast away from the disaster as I could-

After Christmas, I couldn't take it Anymore
So, guess what? 
I purged- ALOT!

And now, I finally have my craft space-
A little slice of crafty heaven-
I didn't buy anything for it- just gathered stuff from around my house
But, boy does it feel good!
(And now I know what I have, instead of running to the store
 because I couldn't find what I needed- bet you've all done that too!?!)

So, now may I present my craft space!

It's my little piece of heaven-
still in the basement, but
I can breathe...
Everything is at my fingertips-
It's small, neat and had to make the entrance pretty
with my daughter's art work-

Now I  have a place that's all mine-
It's not fancy or frilly
doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some have
but I can create
in a space
all mine!!

Take care, gotta fly-








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