Monday, March 25, 2013

Organizing a Hoarder's Garage!

My name is Claire
I am a hoarder

I'm embarrassed to show you these pictures
but you really can accumulate alot when you like to thrift shop!
so, please don't judge me for being a pack rat

A combo of too many Goodwill trips,
dumpster dives and road side treats-

What's a thrifty gal to do-

and boy, did I ever!!

Then there was a leak in the garage,
we had to move everything to the middle of the garage-

Turned out, we had a busted pipe,
so after repairs were made, and new drywall put up-
we had a big 'ole mess-

Finally, after the HUGE snowstorm in February-
I realized that something needed to be done
and I guess I was the guilty party-

So, two days later, it looked soooo much better.....

There are still piles, but they are "organized" piles!
A GW pile, a garbage pile, furniture for future apartments, etc

But, I can finally breathe a little bit easier
and for the next snowstorm, we will finally be able to park a car inside!

Don't hate me because I'm a hoarder!

I'm now on a 12 step program and I will need constant monitoring-

Gotta fly-