Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Favorites

It's time for my 
Saturday favorites-
My favorite post of the week!
(Click on the pics to check out these fabulous blogs!)

Jocie from One Project Closer
Crafted a small holiday tree-
Out of what you ask?
Plastic spoons, of course!
  She used nickel satin spray paint-
and shows a great step by step in pics-
How creative is this gal!!

Lynda from Something Created Everyday
designed this gorgeous Thanksgiving
pumpkin centerpiece
using her Sizzix machine and paper-
Looks like a boutique item to me and
I love the color tones she used!!

Kathy from Life On Lakeshore Drive
crafted festive ribbon pillows using
a no sew adhesive-
They are perfect for the holiday!

Terry from Forever Decorating
painted this table with my favorite theme
and called it "birds on a wire"-
Love its simplicity and especially the birdies!

Larissa from House on Harrison
created a Trumeau mirror with wood, great tools
And a helper hubby
And the best part was the "free" mirror-
Love the way this turned out-
I have trumeau mirror envy
and I want one too!

Jen from City Farmhouse
created this adorable
Star burst paper wreath with book pages-
and you know my wreath obsession!

I adore the way she displayed it, too!

Kathryn from Ugly Duck Transformations
Got some inspiration from a fellow blogger and
She created faux zinc letters from
Paper mâché letters, paint and stain-
Love the industrial look at a fraction of the cost!

Hope you were inspired
 to create something beautiful
in your own homes-

Have a festive filled weekend!

Take care, gotta fly-


  1. Thanks so much made my day!!! :) Hope to see you around the blog again soon.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my White Pumpkin Centerpiece. I am honored! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Christmas pillows! I am so thrilled and honored!! You made my day! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs

  4. TH you so much Claire, that spoon tree is awesome:)! Have a great night, Jen

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