Thursday, November 29, 2012

NY Giants Christmas Fun

With Christmas coming,
holiday bazaars are popping up everywhere-
My SIL asked me to help her decorate a miniature tree
for a raffle at her school-

Her theme was NY Giants!

So, let the fun begin-

She provided much of the decor and gave me free rein
on the decorating- yikes, gotta be careful with that one!

Here is how the tree started out-

I then sprayed it with fake snow-
Never used this before so make sure you do this outside- lol
and not near your house !

Once it was dry, I cleaned off the lights so they would sparkle 
and the fun began-
I picked up football picks at a party store
and hot glued them to the branches-

as well as football beads
I had in my scrap booking stash-
Mardi gras beads make
 the perfect garland and added some sparkle and pizazz!

I painted the pot with the fake snow but it didn't dry well 
so I wiped off most of it 
And it gave it a distressed look that I liked-
but it wasn't enough
rah rah for me so
I picked up some foam Giants coasters at TJ Maxx
and attempted to hot glue 3 of them to the pot-
That darn 'ole pot wouldn't adhere with the hot glue
so I went to the magic super glue-
that was super,
 though I did manage to glue a couple fingers together!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention-
the fake snow spray doesn't adhere very well
to the fake tree branches-
every time I moved the tree, it looked like flaking dandruff so
I wound up wiping most of it off the branches-
it would have looked lovely if the tree never had to be transported
oh well, live and learn!

I hit my favorite dollar store and got a mini football and
a red, white and blue spangly(is that a word?) balloon weight-
I twisted the cement weight off the spangles and
tied them onto the red and white pom pom I found at goodwill-

All in all, I love how the tree turned out-
It's festive and patriotically GIANTS!

I hear it was quite the hit at the raffle, too!!

Have a great day!
Take care, gotta fly-

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