Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Favorites

My Saturday favorites are back
and this week I was so impressed
by the many autumn inspired projects-
(click on the pics to go to the blogs)

Debra from Common Ground
brought the natural elements into her dining room-
She used a well worn window box
and filled it with nature's promise-
Love its uniqueness-
it brings a warm, cozy feeling to this room!

Sarah from Sarah Dawn Designs
used her crafting skills to create
a cute lil' pumpkin out of an old book-
She gives a simple step by step too!

Priscilla from Priscillas
created a fall table runner with
fabric and foam stamps-
with subway art lettering-Adorable!
Check out her adorable sweater pumpkins-
I see those in my future too!

Amy from Living Locurto
created a gor-ge-ous felt wreath-
She fashioned felt circles into flower rosettes and
jam packed a grapevine base with these beauties-
Love the color too!

Halloween Wreath Craft

Kellie from Nest of Posies
designed my absolutely fav velvet pumpkins-
I love these pumps!
Kellie gives a simple video tutorial
and teaches all of us just how to bring this divine
 autumn craft in your home too!
(These are definitely on my to do list!)

Kelly from Eclectically Vintage
created planters from plastic dollar store pumpkins,
sheet music and mod podge-
The before and after is dramatic
and very crafty!!

Fall Planters from Plastic Pumpkins

Hope you got a bit of autumn-inspiration from these
amazingly crafty gals-

Have a fall filled weekend-
until next time

Take care, gotta fly-