Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goodwill=Ballard Designs

I haven't ventured to Goodwill in quite awhile
I missed the thrill of the hunt
So, last week, after dropping off a load
at the donation door-
I scooted in to do a quick scan-
and I found this lovely-
the only problem was its size and
I had a smaller car-
but what's a GW gal to do-
ride home .....very slowly....
with the trunk open and the object of my affection
hanging more than 1/2 way out-
oh well, it seemed the cars behind me
 were very worried so they kept a safe distance away!

(ignore the junkyard garage!)

I love this-
It could be from Ballard Design or Horchow!

Can't wait to work some magic on it
(have to move some furniture around-again)

The tag said $39.99
but the gal said $20- sold!

I'll show you where it goes in awhile!

Take care, gotta fly-