Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinterest Pleasures!

Pinterest has some creative planter
options for the green thumb gardener
(or in my case-brown!)

This is a gorgeous idea
 from Southern Living magazine

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Love the look of these vintage watering cans
 filled to the brim with blooms!
Check out for some
really inventive planters!
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An old washtub adds unexpected charm
 in a garden!

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An old chair missing the seat and painted
 a vibrant blue
is the perfect spot to have your plants
sit for a spell!
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Galvanized wash tubs with finial feet
look adorable on this porch!

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A hollowed out log looks perfect outside-
almost as if wildflowers just started to pop up!
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Who doesn't want a little whimsy in their garden?

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Hope you got some creative ideas
for your garden too!

Take care, gotta fly-

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  1. I do like all of those..especially the watering cans.

    I rode up to a place called Trap Hill Nc last week and I was enjoying the scenery and all the pretty flowers planted in folks yards and THEN, I came to a house with a beautiful front porch and on either side of the entry was a Commode- each full of beautiful blooms. ROLF if only I'd had my camera...


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