Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Priceless Pin Love

Pinning is my newest pasttime-
if you haven't noticed!!

One of my absolute favorites accent colors is aqua-
I don't have it anywhere inside my home yet-
but never say never!!

I adore this cushy ottoman and the color is swoonable!
final.liz  500x751 breakfast with liz lange style food breakfast and brunch

This adorable kitchen set went from drab to darling-

This living room with the aqua accents is dreamy!

Pinned Image

This divine dresser with its crystal knobs is my love-

Pinned Image

This bedroom from Coastal Living exudes serenity-

Pinned Image

This kid friendly bathroom would delight any child-
The eclectic vintage feel is adorable!
Pinned Image

My personal foray using this fab color has only been in my gardens-

But as any good blogger would say-never say never
and with these fabulous pins
 I can't imagine a home without a little pop of aqua!

Take care, gotta fly-


  1. I do like aqua and what a smart idea to use it in small amounts out in your garden area.

  2. Bellissimo! E' il mio colore preferito!


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