Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My daughter, my friend....

My blog is normally about my likes,
my favorites,
my diy,
today I thought I'd show you
 an incredible video my daughter, Caitlin, uploaded to you tube

"Caitlin and Hilary"

Now, it's not something she does on a regular basis
 but she is completing her 3rd and final year of graduate school-
graduating on  Sunday with a degree in Art Therapy-
funny, how some people find their perfect niche, the exact path to follow,
their life's passion...
she has found just that-
and I couldn't be more proud
It is somewhat bittersweet-
I have been very spoiled because she has lived with us these past 3 years
so in addition to this tremendous accomplishment-
I know the time is drawing near that she will be out on her own-
out of our home-
I will miss her deeply
but I know she is headed in the direction of her calling-
One of her favorite quotes is a perfect embodiment of her life-
"Be the change you want to see in the world"-Gandhi

So, without further ado- enjoy.....